Interior Design Overview:

Interior design is the art and science of understanding human behavior to create functional spaces within a building. Designers are capable of making major spatial changes such as structural, plumbing, and electrical. They work closely with architects and contractors to enhance the function of a space as well as the aesthetics.


Through consultations with the client, we determine what the requirements for the new space is, as well gather information such as existing conditions, project budget, and timeline. Consultation with the architect (if there is one) and other consultants will happen to gather additional information.

Design Development:

During design development, floor plans, layouts, furniture selection, and color palettes are selected as well as interior finishes such as wallcovering, flooring, ceiling, window treatments, trim, and cabinetry. Custom pieces and treatments are reviewed and approved by the client.

Construction Documents and Administration:

After the design is complete, the construction documents are produced to gain approval from the necessary authorities and to get cost estimates contractors. We provide an itemized list of project needs so the contractor understands the design intent in order to properly price and build the project. Interior designers will order materials, equipment, and furnishings in a timely manner so as to fit the construction timeline at the right moment. Coordination is key so as not to have delicate finishing materials sitting around during construction, and raw materials aren’t late so as not to hold up the build process.

Construction and Installation:

Like architects, the interior designer will stop by the job site frequently to oversee contractors and ensure work is progressing to the standards set forth. Additionally, designers will redress any concerns and implement any new changes that are deemed necessary.

Project Completion:

Once a final walk-through of the finished and furnished space passes inspection, designers will discuss care and maintenance of the space, furnishing, and equipment so that the client may enjoy their new space for years to come.